Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday

If you want to lose weight, feel good, be more energetic, and generally be healthier, you must maintain a balanced diet of healthy foods. Healthy foods have a variety of nutrients present in them, like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fibres, fats and minerals. Healthy foods also help protect your body from oxidative stress that releases radical cells that grow and multiply and cause diseases like cancer and heart disease.


In Australia alone, over 27,500 preventable deaths have occurred due to unhealthy diets and eating habits. Therefore, health experts in Australia believe that you must include the following healthy foods in your diet to keep you strong and in good shape:


Top Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet


  1. Eat Berries To Get The Right Amount Of Fibre


According to studies, Australian women need 25g of fibre, and men need 30g daily. However, Aussies do not eat even half of this amount and thus put themselves at risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Fibre is one of the most power-packed nutrients that

  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Provide you with vitamins and minerals
  • Help you digest food properly
  • Fill you up quickly


One of the best sources of fibre in your diet is any berry, whether it be strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. Here are the fibre content and health benefits of each of these berries:


  • Strawberries have 3 grams of fibre and are packed with Vitamin C
  • Blueberries have 4 grams of fibre and contain antioxidants
  • Raspberries have 8 grams of fibre and cancer-fighting properties


  1. Improve Your Bone Health With Chia Seeds


Another good source of fibre that also helps keep your bones in good shape is chia seeds. A bowl of these tiny seeds contains omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants, and magnesium and calcium that keep your body strong and healthy. You can eat plain chia seeds or add them to milk to make a pudding.


  1. Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C With Broccoli


Broccoli is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods, as just ½ a cup of broccoli can give you around 80% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. According to studies, an average adult in Australia needs 45 grams of Vitamin C daily, and broccoli contains around 65 grams of Vitamin C for every 100 grams.


Besides Vitamin C, broccoli also contains sulforaphane, which helps detoxify your body and fight cancer. It also contains Vitamin K, which helps blood clot properly in your body.

  1. Keep Your Heart Healthy By Eating Salmon


Salmon is a healthy seafood option as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart and fight strokes. In Australia, stroke leads to around 5% of deaths, and coronary heart diseases cause about 6.9% of deaths. Thus, a healthy supply of salmon daily will help you keep your heart pumping and prevent heart disease. You should also eat salmon for its Vitamin D content as well as antioxidants that keep your skin glowing.


  1. Enhance Your Eyesight By Consuming Eggs


If you want to improve your eyesight, health experts in Australia recommend that you include eggs in your daily diet. This is because egg yolks contain zeaxanthin and lutein antioxidants that protect your eyes from any damage. These antioxidants also prevent macular degeneration of your eyes, which causes blindness as you age. Eggs are also a good source of protein as they contain about 6 grams of protein and help protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.


  1. Reduce Inflammation In Your Body With Nuts


Last but not the least, nuts are a great source of antioxidants like ​​ellagic acid that protect your body from wear and tear and reduce inflammation which can help prevent cancer.


Not only this, but nuts also maintain your heart health as they contain magnesium and polyunsaturated fats. These ingredients also help prevent insulin that causes diabetes. Lastly, nuts help feed the good gut bacteria in your stomach, which helps you digest food and keeps your digestive system healthy.




Health experts in Australia recommend that you include the above health foods in your daily diet to get the required nutrients and protect yourself from harmful diseases. It is important to maintain a balanced diet of these healthy foods per your dietary requirements to stay fit and active.

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