Do Not Put Restriction on Any Food

If you put restricting on certain types of food, your child may develop eating disorders in future. It can also harm their overall development. Thus, instead of banning certain foods, it always a better option to talk about healthy, nutritional meals. Try different ways to encourage your kids to select vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy, etc.

Involve Your Children

If you involve your children in planning healthy meals, take them for grocery shopping and preparing foods, they will start liking the entire process and most likely to eat healthy food. Let them walk with you in the vegetable or fruits section in the supermarket and allow them to purchase what they want.

Provide them Healthy Snacks

If the kitchen is loaded with only healthy snacks, the children will have no option but to eat that food when they are hungry. Keeping healthy snacks in easy to reach places to give them independence. Moreover, when you are packing a lunch box, make sure it is filled with carrot sticks, wholegrain crackers, sultanas and sliced apples.

Be a Role Model

Do you know that what you do greatly influences your children? And eating is no different! So, so you need to be a great role model and make healthy choices so that your kids can follow you. If your children see you eating burger and chips for lunch, it is quite obvious that they will ask for the same. So, instead, order fruits and warm chicken salad.

You Must Eat Together

Regular family meals are essential for your children as they promote healthy eating habits along with some quality time. If everyone on the dining table is eating healthy, the children are most likely to follow that. That is why make sure to eat on a table at the same time and turn off distraction like TV and keep away your laptop and smartphone.

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