Healthy Food Habits

It is essential for you to identify the vital dietary behaviours that can help you to stay on the right track. And with the help of these habits, you can achieve the health goal that you have set for yourself. Here is a list of some healthy food habits that Find Thirty Everyday recommends for everyone. Let’s have a look:

Always have your breakfast because studies show that every person who eats breakfast properly stays healthy and lose more weight than someone who doesn’t eat breakfast regularly. Eat eggs, baked beans, muesli with fruit, wholegrain bread, and yoghurt.

Eat fruit and vegetable daily. Try to have at least two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables every day. Fill your plate with green vegetables for lunch as well as dinner. You can also consume fruits in your breakfast and for as an evening snack.

You need time to shop for good food every week. If you don’t have healthy food in the house, you cannot eat well? Either you take time to buy your list of foods you need every week, or you can shop online.

You can walk for 10,000 steps or exercise for around 60 minutes daily. A pedometer is very useful in getting proper feedback on how many steps you are falling short of every day.

You should have your meals at the dining table with friends and family. This will help you not only to eat slowly, but you also consume less food and enjoy the social experience while dining.

You should keep a protein-rich snack all the time. This is how you can avoid high-fat food. Protein-based snack bars, fruits like apple, wholegrain rice, etc. are some great options to consider.

Try to have green tea after your meals. Green tea can not only help to increase the metabolic rate but also high in antioxidants.

It is always advisable to carry a water bottle all the time. You should drink at least two bottles of water daily and do not try to replace it with juice or soft drinks.

Choose low-GI bread, wholegrain and breakfast cereal. Also, go for the top quality bread, breakfast cereals and crackers as these we consume such foods on daily, and it needs to be healthy.

You should eat carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. So, go for combinations like bread with chicken or tuna, eggs on the grain toast, crackers and cheese, yogurt and fruit, and so on.

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