About Us

Find Thirty Everyday is one of its kind medium that provides valuable information on healthy eating habits and how it can improve the health of your heart and your body as a whole. We aim at making people aware that they are unknowingly surrounded by fast foods, sugary drinks, processed foods, etc. which is having an averse effect on their heart and other vital organs. As a result, the number of heart, diabetic and cancer patients is increasing day by day. And let’s not forget that obesity has become a major issue across the globe and it has a direct relation to all the worst heart problems. All the major heart diseases like Cardiovascular disease, Coronary artery disease, Carditis etc. are directly related to the food we eat and the amount of our physical activity. The entire team of Find Thirty Everyday has only one intention, and that is to educate people about the negative impact of fast and processed food on our health and the benefits of a healthy diet.

Going an extra mile, we do proper research, consult dietitians, take advice from health experts and discuss with some reputed cooks across Australia before providing the information on how to keep your heart healthy and feel like thirty always, to our viewers. We offer some fantastic recipes which are a perfect blend of taste, health and innovation.

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What We Do?

We understand the necessity of educating individuals about the benefits of healthy food, and that is why we often conduct seminars in different schools, colleges, gym and several other social gatherings. Our active volunteers take part in these seminars and share their knowledge with people.

Our young and qualified volunteers take part in these seminars and help people to understand how they can take care of their heart by following a healthy diet. The volunteers do their research correctly to find out what food or type of diet can be helpful in different heart condition; during a heart problem, after heart surgery, and so on.

The dishes and recipes that we ask to follow are tried and tested recipes by reputed chefs and highly recommended by dietitians across Australia. Our team communicates with different people and understands their problems and then provide information accordingly.

Our Journey

We started our journey in the year 2010 under the supervision of our founders - Jack Wilson (A Heart Specialist) and George Mandzukic (A Nutritionist). They observed that despite having proper medical facilities and advanced technology, heart disease is a major cause of death in Australia. In 2009, more than 46,000 deaths in the country were directly linked with heart disease. They did their research and find out that the consumption of unhealthy food is the biggest factor behind this situation and it requires immediate attention! Thus, to minimize the number of death due to heart disease in Australians, Find Thirty Everyday was designed with only four volunteers. But soon we become a reliable source of information for people who want to keep their heart healthy and stay fit. At the moment, we have more than 210 volunteers, who are leaving no stone unturned to make Australia a healthy country.