Find Thirty Everyday is one of its kind medium that provides valuable information on healthy food and how it can improve your body. We are surrounded by fast foods, sugary drinks, processed foods, etc. and as a result, the number of diabetic and cancer patients are increasing day by day. And let’s not forget that obesity and heart problem is common across the world. All these health problems are directly related to the food we eat and the amount of our physical activity. The entire team of Find Thirty Everyday has only one intention, and that is to educate people about the negative impact of fast and processed food on our health and the benefits of a healthy diet.
Going an extra mile, we do proper research, consult dietitians, take advice from health experts and discuss with some reputed cooks across Australia before providing information to our viewers. We offer some fantastic recipes which are a perfect blend of taste, health and innovation.

What We Do?

We understand the necessity of educating individuals about the benefits of healthy food, and that is why we often conduct seminars in different schools, colleges, gym and several other social gatherings. Our active volunteers take part in these seminars and share their knowledge with people. We are growing in numbers, and thus we are expanding our reach across the nation. Our team do their research correctly to find what food and type of diet can be helpful in different health condition. The dishes and recipes that we ask to follow are tried and tested recipes by reputed chefs and highly recommended by dietitians across Australia. Our team communicate with different people and understand their problems and then provide information accordingly.

Our Journey

We started our journey in the year 2007 with only five volunteers, but soon we realised that Find Thirty Everyday is becoming a reliable source for people looking for valuable information on healthy food. With each year, more and more volunteers joined us, and we successfully promoted a healthy lifestyle across the nation, especially in Queensland. Under the supervision of our founders Jack Wilson (A Biology professor) and George Mandzukic (A dietitian), we are leaving no stone unturned to become one of the most significant sources in information on healthy food for our body. Over the years, we have received countless positive feedback from people in Australia and across the globe and feel proud to bring happiness in so many lives.

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